Our Pastor

Our Pastor 1

Hello, my name is Scott Czop and first I would like to thank you for visiting our church website. I thank the Lord for all His goodness and blessings.

I was born and raised in Oshawa, Ontario. I had the privilege of growing up in a Christian home with parents who loved and served the Lord. Also I was also privileged to be brought up in a good, bible believing church where the presence of God was real. At the age of six years old, during the last day of a revival meeting; the Holy Spirit convicted me of my sin and showed me my need to be saved. But instead of going forward, I shrugged off the conviction of the Holy Ghost. After that time I was not bothered or convicted again until two years later. My family was vacationing in the U. S. and we were visiting an old-fashioned bible believing church in Buffalo. The Pastor was preaching from Ecclesiastes 11:3; and for the second time the Lord called me to be saved. This time the conviction was so great I could not shrug it off; and the Lord graciously saved me at the age of eight.

In August of 2009 Gospel Light Baptist Church was officially started and me along with my family attended. The Lord has graciously allowed me to serve Him in many capacities at Gospel Light. Serving in ways such as song leader, bookkeeper, conducting services; and eventually teaching and preaching behind the pulpit of Gospel Light. After standing behind the pulpit of Gospel Light for close to four years; the Lord counted me faithful and called me into the ministry to preach His word. Since that time the members of Gospel Light have made me their Pastor. I pray that the Lord will use Gospel Light Baptist Church to be a blessing here in Whitby, ON.